Zen Buddhist & Yoga Retreat
+61 7 5435 2389

​​Regular Retreat ​​
4 day / 3 night OR 3 day / 2 night
25th January, 1st & 15th March,
5th & 19th April, 3rd & 17th May, 21st June

Silent Retreat - 3 day / 2 night
18th January, 8th March, 24th May

The Way of Zen & Raja Yoga Meditation Retreat - 3 day / 2 night
8th February

Cancer Patient Retreat - 2 or 3 night Retreat
Cancer patients needing help to deal with stress

are welcome to join any of the above retreat programs at no cost.
Limited spaces - at the moment we can manage one per month,
​we hope to offer 2 spaces per month in the new year.

Christmas to New Year Retreat - 6 day / 5 night
Sorry, this retreat is now full

Bali Retreat September 2019 - 7 days / 7 nights
11th - 18th September 2019​

Limited Spaces Available in all our Retreats as we like to keep them beneficial to our guests.

A Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certificate of Attendance can be arranged. 
For futher details see the bottom of this page.

From the moment you step out of the car, you will feel the compassion and contentment that is wrapped around this property and greeted by smiling hosts.  As you gaze around you will feel the peace and tranquillity of the parkland gardens and the panoramic views.  Meeting no more than 5 other guests, you will be sure to make new friends, relax and recapture the true essence of your very being and take home with you a new meaning to your life.
During your stay, our yoga teacher Rose will take you through a series of asana’s, building on them each day, giving options to the beginners and challenges to those who have been practising for a while.  There are seven personal practices, teaching each guest that there is no space for judgement on ourselves or others.  Yoga is not about how flexible you are but where your mind is during the flow.
Zen is not a religion, it is a way of life, it comes to you as a clarity and an understanding.  It will not diminish your own faith but enhance it.  Our Zen Master Fushin, will give 8 talks discussing how you can recognise your own suffering and a way out of it.  Fushin will be available each day after lunch for individual, one on one with the teacher should there be anything personal you wish to discuss.
Together, our meditation instructors, Rose & Fushin will deepen your meditation practice through their own teachings.  Fushin will lead you into the world of Zazen and mindfulness.  Rose will explain how meditation brings mindfulness into your every day life and teach you the ancient foundation to meditation called Antar Mouna (Inner Silence).  Over the weekend you will practice various meditation techniques to help you find the one that works just right for you.
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Accommodation​​ - Please note there will be a small price rise in 2019 to keep up with risings costs.

Kintamani Room:                 Double and single bunk with private ensuite.  

Uluwatu Room:                    This has a Suzie Bunk Bed set, double on the bottom and a single on top.
Ubud Room:                         This room has 2 single beds.
           The Uluwatu & Ubud room share a large bathroom with double vanities and a separate toilet.

The following costs include all meals, all accommodation and all training for the 3 day / 2 night retreats.

Per person:                           $295 twin share
Per person:                           $415 for a private room in either Uluwatu or Ubud Room
Per person:                           $450 for the Kintamani Room as a private room

The following costs include all meals, all accommodation and all training for the 4 day / 3 night retreats.

Per person:                           $345 twin share
Per person:                           $459 for a private room in either Uluwatu or Ubud Room
Per person:                           $499 for the Kintamani Room as a private room

Additional Costs:
If you require specialty dietary meals to be prepared, please contact us to discuss what meals we serve so that we can work together.
Maleny pick up at no cost.
You can choose to catch a train to Landsborough then a bus to Maleny.
We now also offer an additional nights stay to help your departure at only $50 pp.

Helping Hand pays only $120.  Please contact us for more detail.

The following costs include all meals, all accommodation and all training for the Christmas Retreat.

Per person:                           $599 twin share
Per person:                           $819 for a private room in either Uluwatu or Ubud Room
Per person:                           $899 for the Kintamani Room as a private room (FULL)

All meals will be Vegetarian over the Christmas/New Year Retreat and we are sorry to advise that no other special dietary requirements can be catered for.  However, you are welcome to bring any special foods that you may need.
Silent Retreat Program Sample
Friday 4pm – Sunday 4.00 pm

Friday Arrival –       anytime after 2pm

4.00pm         Hatha Yoga
6.00pm         Dinner
7.30pm         Introduction to Retreat + The Purpose of Life with Q&A

Saturday - Sunday
7.00am       Hot / Cold Beverage
7.30am       Mindfulness Meditation
8.30am       Breakfast

10.00am     Gentle Hatha Yoga with Rose
                     Followed by a led meditation

Noon              Lunch
2.00pm        Dharma with Fushin
                          Saturday     - Compassion in This Day & Age
                          Sunday        - The Law of Moral Causation & Karma
3.00pm         Afternoon Tea

4.00pm         Meditation Walk with Intropsections
                       Followed by Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra
 6.00pm       Dinner

 7.30pm       Dharma with Fushin
                          Saturday -   Impermanence

The Way of Zen & Meditation Retreat Program 
Friday 4pm – Sunday 4.00 pm

Friday Arrival –       anytime after 2pm

4.00pm         Relaxing Yoga Nidra Meditation
6.00pm         Dinner
7.00pm         Introduction to Retreat + Introduction & History to Buddhism & Zen

Saturday - Sunday - Noble Silence is held from Sunrise until Breakfast

7.00am       Hot / Cold Beverage
7.30am       Zazen Practice
8.30am       Breakfast

10.00am     1/2 hour Raja Yoga Meditation (partially led) & Discussion
                     Followed by a gentle yoga stretch

11.00am     Dharma with Fushin
                         Saturday - What is Zen? & Zazen Practice with Q&A
                         Sunday   -  Introduction to Hai Ku's & Koans + Zazen Practice with Q&A

Noon              Lunch
2.00pm        Dharma with Fushin
                          Saturday     - Introduction to Kin Hin & Kin Hin Practice with Q&A
                          Sunday        - Recap of Program & Practice of your Choice with Q&A
3.00pm         Afternoon Tea

4.00pm         1/2 hour Raja Yoga Meditation Discussion
                       Yoga Nidra Meditation
 6.00pm       Dinner

 7.30pm       Dharma with Fushin
                          Saturday -   Introduction to Shikan Taza & Shikan Taza Practice with Q&A

​​ Mindfulness Training Approach to Stress, Anger & Anxiety
in Both Life & the Workplace

The Mindfulness Training Centre’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program is designed to assist and give valuable self-help tools to people working in areas of stress and anxiety, for example, health care workers, mental health workers, teachers, emergency response workers, or any private business that creates stress related issues. It is also a valuable program to assist any person who is struggling in every-day life, whether it be at work, with family or peers.  It will give knowledge, understanding and practical exercises to assist people to cope in today's hectic modern society.
We provide CPD opportunities for professionals in a wide variety in the  govt and non-govt sector that are eligible to claim CPD hours if the retreat is relevant to their work or profession.

To record a professional development activity towards your CPD hours, it is the participants responsibility to ensure the activity is relevant to them and is consistent with the categories defined by your particular professional body’s CPD policy. 

Many professionals must undertake continuing professional development (CPD).  The CPD requirements of each national board are detailed in the registration standards for each profession, published on each boards websites.  Our Retreats offer a 10 - 18 hr Certificate of Attendance upon request.

Members of all professions and counselling registration bodies may  still accrue CPD hours by participating in activities of the Mindfulness Training Centre.  Your CPD activity must be determined to be relevant to your individual professional requirements.  Our mindfulness training centre retreat program has been developed by qualified trainers in the field of Mindfulness who are currently regularly practising in this area.