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Zen Buddhist & Yoga Retreat 
Sunshine Coast Hinterland
Maleny - Queensland

07 5435 2389

Bali Retreat
September 2019
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Welcome to a World of Tranquility, Yoga & Zen
From the moment you step out of the car, you will feel the compassion and contentment
that is wrapped around this property and greeted by smiling hosts. 
As you gaze around you will feel the peace and tranquillity
of the parkland gardens and the panoramic views. 
Meeting just a small handful of other guests, you will be sure to make new friends,
relax and recapture the true essence of your very being
and take home with you a new meaning to your life.

Yoga, Zen and meditation classes are provided free of charge with your program package.
A full 2 or 3 night retreat commences on the first & third Friday of most months.
We also hold private retreats for small groups at a time suited to you.
In addition, Silent retreats commence on the 2nd Friday of every second month.
We accommodate Bed N Breakfast guests when programs are not held.
Bed n Breakfast guests can join our teachers in their personal practice of yoga & meditation.
The concept of Zen does not conform to a western way of thinking. 
It is not a religion or a philosophy and it is not a form of psychology like most people think. 
It can be more closely described as a ‘WAY OF LIBERATION’. 
Zen is the attainment of emotional contentment, peace of mind and happiness in our lives NOW. 
Today, medical science and psychology have found the age old practice of Zen
to be of benefit to people in the modern world which they now call Mindfulness.

Living a life of Mindfulness is living a life in the practice of Zen.
Situated approximately 1hr north of Brisbane - 8km from Maleny.

The Retreat
The Zen Buddhist and Yoga Retreat is not a resort selling expensive accommodation and adding some daily yoga to an already expensive spa package.  We are a serious Yoga, Meditation and Zen Knowledge program for students from beginners to intermediate levels.  
Guests can join in with as little or as many sessions as they require to find the peace and relaxation that we are all searching for.  
The Retreat is secluded, offering panoramic views and an abundance of birdlife.  
Located only 8km from Maleny,
and 1 hour north of Brisbane.
The Program
Our program runs harmoniously with both the Yoga and Zen proponents starting the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Fridays of most months.  This can change. 

If you are a group of 6 - 8 people, we will run a 2 or 3 night retreat exclusively for you at anytime.

The Zen Centre will run a 5 night program between Christmas and New year.

Spaces are limited at all retreats.
Union of Zen & Yoga
The Yoga portion of the program will aid with the improvement of the physical health of the body and strengthen the spirit, becoming aware of the interaction between body and mind and the self.  
The Zen portion of the program will quiet and give clarity to the mind and the knowledge and understanding will give wisdom and further strenghten that spirit.  In turn
we learn to be mindful
before we speak or act,
teaching us
patience and tolerance,
and a feeling
of peace and silence within.